Ideas and inspiration for what one can make with our tasty products

Lemon-Lush Fingers

The perfect quick alternative to a pancake mixture and super for breakfast, tea parties, desserts or treats!

Mother’s day scrumptious treats!

The first recipe created for us by a lovely young lady Charlotte Walker who is starting an exciting project to help more people eat locally sourced food. These delectable little treats are easy to make and would make any mum happy and proud! We hope to see lot more from Charlotte 🙂

Denyse’s Very Simple Ginger Cake

This recipe was devised by our Master Scruncher (person that applies labels and bonnets on jars!) inspired by our delectable Diced Ginger! This cake is basically a loaf for six or eight people, but is easily eaten one or two!

Suzanne’s Mum’s Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding

Our Master Preserver Suzanne’s mum has a fantastic recipe for bread and butter pudding, and luckily for us she’s been kind enough to share it. Follow this step-by-step recipe for a dessert that’s so good it will knock your socks off!